Introducing the partners - The Czech Republic

We are primary, lower secondary and nursery school. Our school is located in small village Mosty u Jablunkova (approx. 4000 inhabitants) in the corner of three borders - Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland. We have 44 staffs (including 27 pedagogues),  255 children in primary and secondary school (age 6-15) and 10children in kindergarten - nursery (age 2-6). Our school buildings are consisting of three parts. First and second is in Mosty u Jablunkova and they are connected with one gym and some offices and third part is in Hrčava, small villages just in the corner of three countries - Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland. We have two computers rooms, a small exercise kitchen for children, exercise workroom. Children have lunch in school canteen where our staffs - cooks prepare lunch for children. In neigbourhood we can use a small outdoor swimming pool, fotball playing arena and approximatly about 700m far from school is skislope.

School starts ar 7:55 and finishesfrom 11:25 till 14:30, Students have from 4 till 7 lessons per day. There is 30 minutes lunch break, pupils usually have their lunch in school canteen after school or between lessons.
All the students have the same subjects : Czech languages, foreign languages - English is obligatory, then they can choose German or Russian, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Civil education, PE, Religious studies, Technology, ICT, Art, Music.
After school children from 1st to 5th grade can visit after-school club.

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