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Introducing the partners - The Czech Republic

We are primary, lower secondary and nursery school. Our school is located in small village Mosty u Jablunkova (approx. 4000 inhabitants) in the corner of three borders - Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland. We have 44 staffs (including 27 pedagogues),  255 children in primary and secondary school (age 6-15) and 10children in kindergarten - nursery (age 2-6). Our school buildings are consisting of three parts. First and second is in Mosty u Jablunkova and they are connected with one gym and some offices and third part is in HrĨava, small villages just in the corner of three countries - Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland. We have two computers rooms, a small exercise kitchen for children, exercise workroom. Children have lunch in school canteen where our staffs - cooks prepare lunch for children. In neigbourhood we can use a small outdoor swimming pool, fotball playing arena and approximatly about 700m far from school is skislope.
School starts ar 7:55 and finishesfrom 11…

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