Christmas greetings/ Skype sessions

Slovkia is preparing the parcels for partners´schools :-)

As we did not have the chance to have any other real meeting and things were pretty complicated in each country due to the pandemic, we wanted to show that we do care about the others with sending Christmas greetings and little gifts.

Each country was responsible for creating cards, letters and small traditional gifts to send to the partner countries.

Originally we planned to have a Skype meeting in early January to thank each other and to have a chat about the things we received. Questions were already prepared. Due to the lockdown we had no chance to make that happen. We are all very sad, that we did not have any chance to get together again.

2nd Graders from Slovakia with their postcards...
Where will all our postcards travel? Pupils with the globe looking for partners´countries.

German girl with the materials that came from Italy.
Greek and Czech materials displayed on the school board.
The German boy with some materials that came from Slovakia.
Spanish materials on the school board in Germany.
4th Graders from Slovakia with their handmade postcards.

Slovak and Italian children couldn´t speak through Skype in January, but they did communicate together and here is the results of their communication. Slovak pupils asked the questions that Italian children were keen on answering.


Questions for Italy5A by miss jolana on Scribd

Questions for Italy5B by miss jolana on Scribd